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Submission + - Hands On With Redbox Instant

adeelarshad82 writes: The three things any streaming service needs in order to be successful is a good price, a massive content library, and a decent app that is available on as many things as possible. Unfortunately the only thing that Redbox Instant has going for it right now is the price. The digital library that comprises RedBox Instant at the moment is limited to a handful of comedies, budget horror flicks, and one or two blockbuster titles from the last year. However there is hope that once the final version is launched, Verizon FIOS On Demand's massive libraries of current television shows would be made available on Redbox. As for the app itself, while well designed and offers filtering by search, genre and rating, its biggest drawback is that it's only available on iOS and Android devices. You can’t even stream from the RedBox website.
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Hands On With Redbox Instant

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