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Submission + - Java Zero-Day Vulnerability Rolled into Exploit Packs (

tsu doh nimh writes: The miscreants who maintain Blackhole and Nuclear Pack â" competing crimeware products that are made to be stitched into hacked sites and use browser flaws to foist malware â" say theyâ(TM)ve added a brand new exploit that attacks a previously unknown and currently unpatched security hole in Java. The curator of Blackhole, a miscreant who uses the nickname âoePaunch,â announced yesterday on several Underweb forums that the Java zero-day was a âoeNew Yearâ(TM)s Gift,â to customers who use his exploit kit. The exploit has since been verified to work on all Java 7 versions by AlienVault Labs. The news comes days after it was revealed that Paunch was reserving his best exploits for a more closely-held exploit pack called Cool Exploit Kit, a license for which costs $10,000 per month.
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Java Zero-Day Vulnerability Rolled into Exploit Packs

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