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Submission + - Apple's US manufacturing plans called a "publicity stunt" (

nk497 writes: "Apple CEO Tim Cook grabbed headlines by saying the firm would move production of at least one line of Macs to the US — but the move has been dismissed as a gimmick by corporate responsibility group SumOfUs. "Moving part of its supply chain back to the US is not going to change the fact that its business model rests on the exploitation of hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers in sweatshop-like conditions," Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, the group's executive director said. "Apple has spent $650 million just on advertising for the iPhone alone since it launched. They’re talking about spending less than 20% of that on this shift... Apple is talking about moving a tenth of 1% of its global production costs. That’s not at the level of a fundamental business model shift, [it's] a small token offering to appease consumers here in the US.""
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Apple's US manufacturing plans called a "publicity stunt"

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