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Submission + - Brazilian newspapers leave Google News en masse (

Dupple writes: In light of the recent story regarding Google threatening a French Media ban after France has proposed that search engines should pay for content,

it seems a similar thing is happening in Brazil with numerous papers leaving Google news

The controversy fueled one of the most intense debates during the Inter American Press Association’s 68th General Assembly, which took place from Oct. 12 to 16 in São Paulo.

On one side of the debate were defenders of news companies’ authoring rights like German attorney Felix Stang, who said, “platforms like Google’s compete directly with newspapers and magazines because they work like home pages and use content from them.”

On the other, Google representatives said their platform provides a way to make journalistic content available to more people. According to Marcel Leonardi, the company’s public policies director, Google News channels a billion clicks to news sites around the world.

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Brazilian newspapers leave Google News en masse

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