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Submission + - Patent Troll sues... uh... just about everyone ( 1

zaba writes: A company named PersonalWeb Technologies has decided a host of heavy players in the tech industry, including Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo! for patents it holds related to data processing.

They have a previous suit against other big names like Amazon, Google and HP.

Anyone care to guess where the company is based or where the suits were filed?

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Patent Troll sues... uh... just about everyone

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  • I would guess Texas.... []

    Dam this troll is patenting the shave and not the razor
    as best I can tell with a quick glance.

    These tolls and others like them need to be given a hard
    look by the feds for interfering with interstate commerce.

    One of the things I see is that programming abstractions
    are being opened (see folding editor) and the contents
    of the opened fold enumerated as patented claims.

    This is contrary to the computer science goa

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