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Submission + - Apple Neglects its Pro Userbase - Focus Entirely on Highly Profitable iDevices 6

Aaron B Lingwood writes: RocketJump's film-maker Freddie Wong of Youtube's Freddiew fame compares Mac vs PC for the pro user. The article argues that Apple has neglected their most loyal userbase of media professionals and is instead chasing profits instead of innovation. The shift away from the PowerPC to Intel-based chips as well as the crippling and discontinuation of entire lines of professional software means Mac no longer has the edge over PC for professional use. With PC's costing considerably less and with the PC version of software such as Adobe Suite catching up with features and usability, Freddie, a long time Mac-user, has decided to shift to PC and abandon Mac. Is this the beginning of an entire cultural shift where PC's are for the professional and tech-savvy while Apple products of for the tech-simpletons? Have Apple put all their eggs in the one basket relying solely on marketing for their line of fashion accessories?
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Apple Neglects its Pro Userbase - Focus Entirely on Highly Profitable iDevices

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  • of Apple users at []
    which included "creatives" while most PC users were business types.

    However, it's not there anymore (perhaps because Apple doesn't care about those users anymore).

    Summaries of the profiles are here: []


    -Mac People are more likely to see the existing world in a light of âoesamenessâ and thus express a desire to be perceived as different and unique. This is consistently refl

    • This is interesting. Many people have come to me over the years for tech advice, especially when purchasing new hardware. Up until today, any time a person in the creative arts asked my opinion on what machine they should buy I have unequivocally affirmed that Mac is the best choice - despite being an avid PC user. After reading this, I feel a little guilt for possibly misleading some people into making a bad purchasing decision. I have been ignorant to much of apple development as of late because I despise

      • There is nothing new about this. The change has been in the pipeline for some time. Although the new Powerbook has a very high res screen, a number of PC manufacturers are now selling reasonable priced laptops with 1920 by 1080 screens and "proper" graphics cards along with 22nm Core I7 processors. Even if you upgrade them with equivalent SSDs, they are roughly half the price of the nearest equivalent Powerbook. The cases may not be as pretty, the power supplies a little more clunky, but the effect on getti
  • Apple has discontinued Xserve, and their highest end machines are way behind what you can get from PC companies. They also stopped developing X11 and have done very little to improve the UNIX and POSIX parts of OS X. It's obviously all about consumers now.

  • I used to use a Mac Pro 2008 (8 core 2 CPU Xeon) machine with 16GB RAM and loaded with drives. I recently replaced the whole rig recently with a Mac Mini i7 with the same amount of RAM as I previously had, and it works out much better all around. It uses less power, makes less noise, and for my purposes is a good replacement of my old machine. I don't believe it is faster than the old Mac Pro but I don't think it's really slower either. Geekbench scores seem to indicate this more or less as well.


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