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Submission + - Finnish bureaucracy to kill crowdfunded textbook project? (

linjaaho writes: "Senja Larsen, a person who runs popular Facebook study group Senja teaches you Swedish, collected $14,161 in Kickstarter crowd funding service. The project caught large media attention in Finland (TV and all major newspapers), since it is the first crowdfunded book project in this country and among the first Finnish crowdfunded projects (the previous ones are Iron Sky movie, Myrskyn Sankarit role playing game and Wishbone headphone wire manager). Now, after successfully collecting the funds for the book (and after the book has been edited and printed), the National Police Board of Finland has asked Senja to submit a statement concerning using Crowdfunding to finance a project and the terminology used. It is possible that all the funding collected must be returned. The main problem is that direct translations of terminology at Kickstarter, such as "bounty" or "support" are interpreted to mean collecting money without giving anything back, and this kind of operation requires a permit which can be only given to associations, not to private persons and it takes long to apply for such permit."
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Finnish bureaucracy to kill crowdfunded textbook project?

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