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Submission + - RapidShare Urges US Government to Punish Linking Sites and Not File-sharing Site (paritynews.com) 2

hypnosec writes: RapidShare has said that the US Government should go ahead with crack down on linking sites rather than punishing file sharing sites and strangling innovation. The file sharing site is understandably a little worried about the recent crackdowns on sites involved in or found to be promoting piracy because to some extent RapidShare is also used to host copyrighted content such as movies, software and all sorts of such material. Daniel Raimer, RapidShare’s Chief Legal Officer, is to meet with technology leaders and law enforcement at Technology Policy Institute forum. RapidShare provides technology based on which people can share their files. The real problem starts when other sites start linking to the site. Raimer is a panel member that will be talking on Copyright and Piracy and he is going to defend file sharing sites and is going to counter the claims that such sites are a problem. Responding to a public consultation on the future of U.S. IP enforcement, the company emphasized that linking sites are the real problem. It wrote, “Rather than enacting legislation that could stifle innovation in the cloud, the U.S. government should crack down on this critical part of the online piracy network.”
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RapidShare Urges US Government to Punish Linking Sites and Not File-sharing Site

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  • Linking is not a crime you mofo's gotta understand that. Without links the interwebs wouldn't exist. Greedy greedy greedy shameful pieces of shit.
  • As the first poster mentioned, it's not a crime. I can even link to a criminal site if I want, with the link saying "Look! Here's a criminal site! The bastards!"

    If they start regulating what you can link to, the internet is doomed. Don't go there.

    Besides, at least in the U.S., free speech is very much an issue when it comes to links.

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