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Submission + - How to best setup a school internet filter? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I was recently volunteered to be the network/computer admin for a small non-profit school. One of the items asked of me had to do with filtering inappropriate content (i.e. stuff you wouldn't want your mother to see). Essentially we want to protect people who aren't able to protect themselves, at least while on campus.

Basic site filtering is fairly easy — setup squid with one of the many filtering engines and click to filter the categories your interested. Additionally, making the computer lab highly visible uses public shame and humiliation to limit additional activity.

The real question — How do you filter Facebook? There is a lot of great content and features on Facebook, and its a great way to stay in contact with friends, but there is also a potentially dark side as well. Along with inappropriate content, there is a tendency to share more information than should be shared, and not everyone follows proper security and privacy guidelines.

Is there a way to setup campus-wide security/privacy policies for Facebook?
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How to best setup a school internet filter?

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  • Facebook polices itself on the nudity all ready, but there is wiener and boob recognition software if you really wanted to make sure boobs or wieners get through. As for stopping morons from over sharing unless you plan on installing software that will read everyone's status updates and filter out BM schedules and the like you don't really have a shot. At some point you have to trust your users and if you can't then block facebook.
  • With a backhoe.

    And even that might not be enough to keep 'em from surfing pr0n.

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