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Submission + - 3D Printer Can Make You A House In 20 Hours (gizmodo.com.au) 1

lukehopewell1 writes: 3D printer tech has evolved rapidly over the last decade. We've seen everything from phone cases to weapons, but now a Professor at the University of South Carolina has built a concept printer that can build you a house that's three times stronger and half the price of your current house.

It's called Contour Crafting and the best part is that it can build you a 2500sq. ft. house in 20 hours.

The technology is so impressive, in fact, that NASA has partnered with the professor to develop the technology into something the space agency can use to build roads, radiation shields and buildings on the Moon.

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3D Printer Can Make You A House In 20 Hours

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  • I hope the numbers aren't hype. I also hope they include a reasonable estimate of the cost of using what might be a pretty expensive machine. Having said all that, the article looks at least credible and certainly interesting. Everything we can do to make healthy (plumbing and concrete floor) and long-lived (strong and earthquake resistant) housing for near-poor households in developing countries helps stop them slipping back into poverty. The potential impact on huge numbers of people could be very imp

Can anyone remember when the times were not hard, and money not scarce?