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Submission + - Demonoid Still Titsup, Serving Malware laden Ads (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: Demonoid, which has gone tits-up since about a week because of DDoS attacks, is still under darkens and hasn’t managed to come online. In contrast to signs of recovery, it has come to light that people are being redirected to an ad network that is serving malware. Following a DDoS attack which first crippled the site and then completely took the site offline, there are no signs of recovery. Unlike DDoS attacks on other sites, the attacker is not taking a back seat this time around and might have other motives. One being trying to get hold of data on Demonoid servers. The reasons behind the attack are still not known. On July 1 and then later on August 2, there have been changes to Demonoid.me domain entries and as of now the Domain is redirecting to an ad network. The redirection is happening to 52664.bestfastget.com domain, which is a site with low trust rating.
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Demonoid Still Titsup, Serving Malware laden Ads

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