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Submission + - Scientists stage funerals to protest against cuts - a new trend? (

ananyo writes: Physicists, chemists and mathematicians in the UK are campaigning against their chief public funder (EPSRC) over reforms that they say threaten blue-skies research, kicking off their protest by toting a coffin to the Prime Minister in Downing Street. The reforms are a response to declining budgets and political pressure to focus science on areas that will produce economic benefits for the UK. Last month, over 2000 Canadian scientists marched to Parliament Hill with a coffin to protest against the Harper government's cuts to basic research and scientific facilities, which they believe undermine the quality of scientific evidence in government.
With budget cuts to science expected in the US, is it time for scientists in US — and perhaps elsewhere — to think about getting their retaliation in first and ready their coffins?

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Scientists stage funerals to protest against cuts - a new trend?

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