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Submission + - Defcon Researchers Build Tool To Track The Planes Of The Rich And Famous (forbes.com) 1

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: At the Defcon security conference later this week, two security researchers will release a tool that aims to expose a little-seen list of hidden private aircraft flight plans–the so-called Block Aircraft Registration Request or BARR list, a collection of aircraft whose owners have tried to keep their whereabouts secret.

Any private jet owner can request to be taken out of the FAA's public database of flight plans. But Dustin Hoffman and Semon Rezchikov found that private flyers' whereabouts are still broadcast in air-traffic control communications. So they developed a speech-to-text system that pulls out planes' tail numbers from those communications almost in real time, often fast enough to post a plane's destination before it lands. In its proof-of-concept version, the site is focusing on Las Vegas airports, but plans to expand to other cities soon.

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Defcon Researchers Build Tool To Track The Planes Of The Rich And Famous

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  • Anyone else find it amusing that one of the researchers outing celebrities' plains is named "Dustin Hoffman"?

    I last saw Dustin Hoffman in "Stranger Than Fiction".

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