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Submission + - Firefox remarkably improved in latest browser showdown (tomshardware.com) 2

Billly Gates writes: Tomshardware did another benchmark showdown since several releases of both Firefox and Chrome came out since the last one. Did Mozilla clean up its act and listen to its users? The test results are listed here. Firefox 13.01 uses the least amount of ram with 40 tabs opened while Chrome uses the highest surprisingly. Overall it scored medium with memory efficiency which measures ram released after tabs are closed. What is also surprising is IE 9 still is king of the lowest ram usage for just 1 tab. Bear in mind in the comments below is that these tests were benchmarked in Windows 7. Windows XP and Linux users will have different results due to differences in memory management. It is too bad IE 10 which is almost finished wasn't available to benchmark.
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Firefox remarkably improved in latest browser showdown

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  • The entire browser will freeze(not responding) if any tab hangs.

    • Agreed. It froze on me today, and not even "under load" (I was working and only had 6-7 frequently-visited, work-related tabs open, no Flash) and not only did it hang, it started cannibalizing my CPU cycles. I could do nothing... Cmd-Tab took 30 seconds to execute, I could not get Activity Monitor to come up in Spotlight, or navigate to it via Finder, to kill the process. Terminal was so slow as to be non-functional.

      I had no choice but to do a hard boot. Ouch. That's pretty bad, Firefox.

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