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Submission + - Flame, Stuxnet and Duqu: an abbreviated history of cyber attacking Iran (patexia.com) 1

sarfralogy writes: "The cyber-security community has given Flame mixed reviews after preliminary attempts to dissect the spying malware’s bloated code. Kaspersky Lab called Flame “one of the most complex threats ever discovered.” Symantec and McAfee were more reserved, seeing enough similarities between Flame’s sophistication and past sibling cyber attacks – Stuxnet and Duqu – to throttle concerns the Internet is doomed. But as competing security outfits debate the origin, species and pervasive threat of the virus, all agree on a short list of nations capable of directing such grandiose espionage. Iran's unrepentant nature and doomsday attitude serve only to fuel speculation. Stuxnet, Duqu and now Flame, all aimed at Iran and all spooky reminders of today's silent theater of war. The cyber-attack stage is no longer novel, but the deeper cyber-security analysts cut into Flame, the more different it becomes.
Turns out Flame is big, sneaky, and a sign of the times. Unique enough – and dangerous enough — for the ITU, the United Nation's security blanket, to issue their most serious cyber warning yet. Stuxnet had a specific target, a specific objective. But Flame may be designed to lurk around the Middle East and come and go as it pleases, dressing down widespread targets from wanted countries in wanton fashion."

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Flame, Stuxnet and Duqu: an abbreviated history of cyber attacking Iran

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