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Submission + - Preventing Cyberbullying by Bulldozing Civil Liberties (

An anonymous reader writes: The Malaysian Government has recently passed an amendment to their Evidence Act that has been designed to hold cyber bullies accountable for their malicious tirades on blogs or Facebook Walls. Unfortunately, the amendment has been worded such that "If your name, photograph or pseudonym appears on any publication depicting yourself as the author, you are deemed to have published the content" and "If a posting comes from your Internet or phone account, you are deemed to be the publisher unless the contrary is proved." What these raft of amendments have done is shifted the burden of proof to the accused. One is considered guilty until proven innocent. Even the simple act of posting an offending message on a friend's Facebook Wall could get that friend and not the original poster, into trouble with this law. Although the amendments were initiated by good intentions, conspiracist can see how easily this law can be misused to curb dissent in Malaysia.
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Preventing Cyberbullying by Bulldozing Civil Liberties

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