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Submission + - India's proposal for government control of Internet to be discussed in Geneva (thehindu.com)

cvenky writes: Indian Government is proposing to constitute a intergovernmental body " to develop internet policies, oversee all internet standards bodies and policy organizations, negotiate internet-related treaties and sit in judgment when internet-related disputes come up". This committee will be funded and staffed by UN and will report to UN General Assembly which effectively means the control of the internet passes on to World Governments directly. It is worth noting that Government is trying for Censorship of Information & Media in India in many ways since some high impact social protests against rampant corruption last year, though they where successful only to a small extent. This will finally give all 'free', 'democratic' and 'other' governments, the much desired 'Protection' they seek from their own people.
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India's proposal for government control of Internet to be discussed in Geneva

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