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Submission + - 'Smart' labware made with bathroom sealant and a 3D printer (

ananyo writes: Researchers have used a 3D printer and quick-setting bathroom sealant to make a variety of customized vessels for chemical reactions. The method (abstract) allows labware to become, for the first time, an integral part of the experiment itself.
The scientists printed one vessel with catalyst-laced 'ink', enabling the container walls to drive chemical reactions. Another container included built-in electrodes, made from skinny strips of polymer printed with a conductive carbon-based additive. The strips carried currents that stimulated an electrochemical reaction within the vessel. The system could allow scientists to test chemical processes in ways that were not economical before — producing just a few tablets of a particular drug, for example, for further tests or clinical trials.

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'Smart' labware made with bathroom sealant and a 3D printer

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