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Submission + - Turkey bans Pastebin and Tinyurl

anonimim writes: Pastebin and Tinyurl, two highly popular web services has been recently blocked in Turkey.

Pastebin is blocked last week by a court decision about the recent hacking of Turkish Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK). Four databases including email addresses and plain-text passwords stolen from BTK website was posted to Pastebin last month, in retaliation to blocking of Blogspot, Incisozluk (a popular Turkish community dictionary) and other thousands of websites.

The more shocking ban was that of Tinyurl, a URL shortening service blocked by the 1st of March on behalf of the BTK, without a court decision. Turkish Internet users amazed by the absurdity of the BTK's decision as Tinyurl does not store any content itself but only serve pointers to online resources.

Turkey currently blocks thousands of websites and classified as one of the countries under surveillance by the 2012 Internet Enemies report published last week by the Reporters Without Borders (RSF).
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Turkey bans Pastebin and Tinyurl

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