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Submission + - Apple replaces broken iPhones – even if they're stolen Read more: Apple r (pcpro.co.uk)

nk497 writes: "Apple has again been criticised for blindly replacing stolen phones. One Londoner's handset was stolen three months ago, but she's been unable to get her insurer to payout, because the IMEI is showing up as "replaced". Two days after she reported it stolen to the police and directly to Apple, someone — presumably the thief — walked into the Covent Garden Apple Store, complaining the handset was broken. It was in fact blocked, but Apple replaced it, no questions asked. While the policy stems from Apple's good customer service, it isn't helpful in this case. "Is anyone surprised that iPhone theft is so rampant when you are guaranteed to get a new one just by walking into an Apple store with your stolen, IMEI-blocked phone?" the victim's father wonders."
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Apple replaces broken iPhones – even if they're stolen Read more: Apple r

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