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Trapezium Artist writes: Four friends apprehended exploring the disused Aldwych station in London's Underground are faced with an "anti-social behaviour order" (ASBO) which would forbid them from talking to each other for a full 10 years. The so-called "Aldwych four", experienced urban explorers, were discovered in the tunnels under the UK's capital city a few days before last year's Royal Wedding and the greatly increased security measures in place led to their being interviewed by senior members of the British Transport Police. Nevertheless, once their benign intentions had been established, they were let off with a caution. However, following an accident caused by another, unrelated group of urban explorers in the tunnels a few months later, Transport for London applied to have ASBOs issued to the Aldwych four. These would forbid them from any further expeditions, from blogging or otherwise publicly discussing any exploits, and even from talking with each other for the 10 year duration of the order. One could argue about the ethics of urban exploration, but this nevertheless seems like an astonishingly heavy-handed over-reaction by TfL.
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Urban explorers: you can't talk to each other for a decade

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  • My suspicion is that the "Talking to one another" ban would not hold up in the ECHR.

    This isn't overreaction by TfL: this is the fear of the British authorities that there will be an attack on Americans during the Olympics, that we will be blamed, and that the US will make huge demands on this country as a result. The existing demands for stationing of armed agents in London, US Naval presence in the Thames and the siting of US-controlled StA missiles around London are bad enough, but a successful attack by

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