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redletterdave writes: "Two Oregon State Police troopers stopped a car after receiving complaints from other drivers that a man was having trouble driving his car. When the officers approached the car and tried to speak to the man, they realized that he didn't speak any English, only Chinese. The man showed "signs of impairment," but they had extreme difficulty communicating with him. Instinctively, the senior officer fetched his personal iPhone from the police cruiser and launched his Google Translate app. Through translated dialogue with the man, the two officers discovered that the man had been driving non-stop from Montana on very little rest, food, and insulin. Once medical personnel arrived, paramedics discovered the man's blood sugar was more than five times the normal level. If the officer didn't have his iPhone and Google Translate with him, the man could have entered a coma or died."
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Apple and Google Unite To Save A Dying Diabetic

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