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wiredmikey writes: Last Friday, Slashdot posted a snippet on a “massive Android malware campaign” that was said to possibly be responsible for duping as many as 5 million users into downloading the Android.Counterclank infection from the Google Android Market.

As word of the Android malware started to spread, Symantec’s rival in the mobile protection space – Lookout Mobile Security – disputed their claims as hype. According to Lookout, while the Apperhand SDK observed by Symantec is aggressive, it isn’t malware; it’s an advertising platform.

So then, what is Android.Counterclank? Symantec said that the malicious code has been observed in 13 applications that have had wide distribution. Symantec focused on the code that is packaged with the application itself called Apperhand.

While the average Android user probably doesn’t want applications that contain they see no evidence of malicious behavior. Moreover, most if not all of the capabilities attributed to Apperhand, can also be assigned to similar aggressive ad networks.

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Recent Android Malware Warning Overblown

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