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Submission + - Man who downloaded bomb recipes jailed for 2 years 2

chrb writes: Asim Kauser, a 25 year old British man, has been jailed for 2 years and 3 months for downloading recipes on how to make bombs and the toxin ricin. Police discovered the materials on a USB stick that Asim's father gave to them following a burglary at the Kauser family home. Asim pled guilty and claimed that he only downloaded the materials because he was curious. A North West Counter-Terrorism Unit spokesman said "I also want to stress that this case is not about policing people's freedom to browse the Internet. The materials that were downloaded were not stumbled upon by chance — these had to be searched for and contained very dangerous information that could have led to an explosive device being built."
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Man who downloaded bomb recipes jailed for 2 years

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  • So there is actually no evidence that he was going to implement anything with this info.
    So now we really are punishing thought crime.
    Orwell was right. 1984 was just titled a few years too early.
    If I downloaded an ebook about nuclear physics would I be next?

  • He should have just downloaded cars.

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