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Submission + - U.S. Plummets 135% on World Press Freedom Ranking 3

Jeremiah Cornelius writes: Reporters Without Borders released its 2011 — 2012 global Press Freedom Index. The indicators for press freedom in the U.S. are dramatic, with a downward movement from 27th to 47th in the global ranking, from the previous year. Much of this is corellated directly to the arrest and incarceration of American journalists covering the "Occupy" protest movements in New York and across the country. "This is especially troubling as we head into an election year which is sure to spark new conflicts between police and press covering rallies, protests and political events." Only Chile, who dropped from 33 to 80, joined the U.S. in falling over 100% of their previous ranking. Similarly, Chile was downgraded for "freedom of information violations committed by the security forces during student protests."
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U.S. Plummets 135% on World Press Freedom Ranking

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  • There are too many 'indices' that show the US is heading down the road of control, restrictions to freedom, censorship (Read: Defense Authorization Act? SOPA and its analogs? etc.) ... all the items which characterize totalitarian regimes. While I think we're still a far way from that yet, NOW is the time to move on it, rather than waiting until it's too late!

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