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Microsoft Forces OEMs To Lock Devices Into Windows

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  • ...before they do the same thing to PC's.
    • by ecorona ( 953223 )
      this would kill linux. Let's be hones, Linux rocks but it doesn't have market share to compete with Windows.
      • Technically every android is linux, so there are now more people using linux daily than windows.

        It just took google to make a better GUI framework api.

        And better != faster,prettier,9 releases/quarter.

        • by ecorona ( 953223 )
          True, but I'm much more concerned with linux on the desktop. I suppose some version would survive as man people in academic environment heavily rely on linux machines.
    • Then how will windows 2008 server install?
      How will ESX install?

      This will go to an anti trust law suite. And the next conference MS appears at, I will be outside giving away 10000 eggs to throwers.

      Someone will hack it, and screw any laws, publish the damn code/howto on facebook/100 social sites, FU ms.

  • How is this not anticompetitive? Would it fly in the EU?

    • It isn't anti-competitive in that MS has basically zero ARM marketshare. Hopefully crap like this will help to keep it that way,

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