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Submission + - Actual damages for single download = single licens (blogspot.com) 1

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In Real View v 20-20 Technologies, it was held that the actual copyright infringement damages for a single unauthorized download of a computer program was the lost license fee that would have been charged. The judge, in the District Court of Massachusetts, granted remittitur, reducing the jury's verdict from $1,370,590.00 to $4200 unless the plaintiff seeks a new trial. Something tells me the plaintiff will seek a new trial."
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Actual damages for single download = single licens

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  • if the defendant pays what they would have had to pay to do the purchase legally, plus court costs (which include a nominal fee for the company's time and trouble), that's about as simple and effective as it gets. 1) there will be no incentive to steal because they would end up paying more that way 2) court costs would be covered so the cost to the taxpayer is nil 3) the company would have incentive to sue every downloader at no end cost to themselves, just a little different marketing approach to get that

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