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Submission + - Predator Drone Helps Nab Cattle Rustlers (ktla.com) 1

riverat1 writes: KTLA reports police in North Dakota arrested 3 men accused of cattle rustling with the help of a Predator B drone from nearby Grand Forks AFB. The sheriff of Nelson Country was chased off by 3 armed men when he went to serve a warrant so he came back the next morning with reinforcements including the drone which, while circling 2 miles overhead, was able to determine the whereabouts of the men on their 3,000 acre spread and the fact that they were unarmed. A SWAT team quickly moved in and apprehended the men. Local police say they have used the Predator drones for at least 2 dozen surveillance flights since June. The FBI and DEA have used the drones for domestic investigations as well.

Big Brother is watching.

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Predator Drone Helps Nab Cattle Rustlers

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  • "As the unmanned aircraft circled 2 miles overhead the next morning,
    sophisticated sensors under the nose helped pinpoint the three suspects
    and showed they were unarmed."

    Is this even possible? To determine if someone is armed or unarmed from two miles away?
    Carrying drugs or not, thinking bad thoughts or not...

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