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Submission + - Internet Monitoring: Who Watches the Watchers? (

wiredmikey writes: An interesting take on the IT security industry and tools being sold and used by to monitor internet users.

It’s no secret that many states and nations are censoring and monitoring the Internet. Many of these governments are considered authoritarian regimes, often times with trade restrictions and other sanctions against them. Most of these censorship systems are based on proprietary, enterprise hardware and solutions.

Unfortunately, those usually involved in deciding in whose hands these tools end up, are sadly often torn between conflicting interests, like sales targets.

How many services and devices are actually being used by people we would rather not have these abilities at their fingertips? How long until they are used against us, even if indirectly? At which point do we have to stop looking at Information Security as a market, and begin viewing it as a matter of defense and (inter)national security?

The industry gets it enough to pitch it, and to market it. Why doesn’t the industry get it enough to act on it? Does the IT security industry need to be more regulated?

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Internet Monitoring: Who Watches the Watchers?

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