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Submission + - EU Court rules against exclusive TV licencing deal (digitaltvnews.net) 1

r5r5 writes: In possibly a ground braking rule European Court of Justice rules against exclusive rights to broadcast sporting events within a single member state. The motivation is that such an agreement would enable each broadcaster to be granted absolute territorial exclusivity in the area covered by its licence and would therefore eliminate all competition between broadcasters in the field of those services and would thus partition the national markets in accordance with national borders.
Could this be the beginning of dismounting the legacy system of exclusive distribution rights awarded to one company in one state?

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EU Court rules against exclusive TV licencing deal

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  • Gee, isn't this the case with Verizon, and it's superfew competitors. We have the same problem of to few for too many in Canada too.
    In Montreal, the big provider is Bell Canada, the next Provincial provider is Bell Canada, and then there is the improvised CBC. (Bell is there 2x with Bell and as CTV)

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