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Submission + - Illegal to take a photo in a shopping centre? (bbc.co.uk) 3

Kyrall writes: A man was questioned by security guards and then police after taking a photo of his own child in a shopping centre.

The centre apparently has a 'no photography' policy "to protect the privacy of staff and shoppers and to have a legitimate opportunity to challenge suspicious behaviour"

He was told by a security guard that taking a photo was illegal. He also said that a police officer claimed "he was within in his rights to confiscate the mobile phone on which the photos were taken".

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Illegal to take a photo in a shopping centre?

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  • First, I am not a lawyer. What I say below may or may not be correct in your jurisdiction. Consult with an attorney for clarification.

    Security guards have absolutely no law enforcement powers.

    They cannot detain you. They cannot seize your property from you. They cannot touch you, especially if you have told them not to.

    Security guards *DO* think they have law enforcement powers. They will talk shit, and act like they can arrest you. If they

    • by mlauzon ( 818714 )
      Actually, here in Canada security guards can arrest you, it's in the Criminal Code of Canada, however, it is actually still a Citizen's Arrest, but surprisenly, you must still tell the person you're arresting his/her rights!

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