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Submission + - Google to USPTO: Copy-and-Paste Was My Idea

theodp writes: The act of copying/transferring data from one part of a computer-based document to a different location within the same or another document was part of the earliest on-line editors that were introduced in the '60s. Five decades later, however, Google is trying to patent a technology it calls 'Server-Based Data Sharing in Computer Applications', which the search giant explains are 'techniques by which data may be shared using a clipboard paradigm in hosted computing applications' that can be invoked with 'keyboard combinations (e.g., CTRL-C, CTRL-X, and CTRL-V).' Published Tuesday, Google's patent application was submitted in 2010, the same year Google announced the availability of its web-based clipboard — aka 'Cloudboard' — for copying and pasting data between Google Docs. Web-based clipboards are nothing new — Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie publicly demoed 'Live Clipboard', Ozzie's take on a web clipboard, at the Microsoft and Google-sponsored ETech 2006 Conference — four years before Google's patent filing. Ozzie released the work under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
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Google to USPTO: Copy-and-Paste Was My Idea

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