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Submission + - Windows 8 to use the cloud to destroy piracy (extremetech.com) 1

MrSeb writes: "With the latest Windows 8 build (8064) that has been delivered to Intel, it’s clear that the company is taking strides to make sure that its upcoming OS isn’t quit so easy to pirate. For starters, the generic volume license keys that were so easily exploited during the early days of Windows 7 leaks will no longer be an option for pirates. Product keys also won’t be shipped in the prodkey.txt file included in the build packages. Instead, installers will need to retrieve a unique key from a Microsoft web page.

There’s also a good possibility that the recently-surfaced fast booting patent could come into play as well. If Microsoft does indeed have designs on using a remote server to push OS code to systems at boot time, that code would be a very clever place to embed activation-related programming. Even if a crack was discovered, it would be neatly undone during a subsequent start-up sequence — similar to the way Microsoft’s now-idle Windows Steady State could turn back the clock an entire Widows installation after rebooting."

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Windows 8 to use the cloud to destroy piracy

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  • there I fixed it for you. Who can trust their personal data on the cloud when servers are hacked day and night by hackers and crackers and then posted all over the Internet?

    Working on a best selling novel, but have writer's block, just upload it to the cloud and wait for some hacker to steal it and post it online, you'll get lots of feedback if not a few other writers stealing your book and finishing it.

    The problem with this cloud system by Microsoft is not just privacy issues, but instead of buying softwar

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