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Submission + - Advertising Network Caught History Stealing (stanford.edu) 1

jonathanmayer writes: "Last week the Stanford Security Lab reported some surprising results on how advertising networks respond to opt outs and Do Not Track. This week we made a new discovery in the online advertising ecosystem: Epic Marketplace, a member of the self-regulatory Network Advertising Initiative, is history stealing with unprecedented scale and sophistication. And Epic is snooping some remarkably sensitive information, including pages from the FTC, IRS, NIH, Mayo Clinic, and more. Epic has written a response defending its practices."
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Advertising Network Caught History Stealing

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  • That ad-network's "rebuttal" does very little to rebut the "graduate student" and mostly confirms his findings. I found the part about how history stealing is merely "the collection of anonymous, non-personally identifiable, browser information" to be particularly damning.

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