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Submission + - Chinese Censorship Gets Blasted by NTD TV (

jjp9999 writes: "Despite years of pressure from the Chinese regime, independent television station, NTD TV, will resume its broadcast throughout China with a Taiwanese satellite. Chinese residents throughout the mainland can receive the broadcast using satellites (which are illegal) and get a glimpse of the world beyond the Great Firewall. Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) satellite provider fought the ruling tooth and nail, yet folded under pressure from the Taiwanese premier, the vice president of European Parliament, human rights groups, and other international bodies. A similar case took place when French satellite company Eutelsat cut NTD TV's broadcast into China just short of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Although they said the outage was due to technical problems, an investigation by Reporters Without Borders caught Eutelsate employees red handed, recording admissions they cut the service due to pressure from the Chinese communist regime."
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Chinese Censorship Gets Blasted by NTD TV

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