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Submission + - Removal of Printed Photo Credit Qualifies as DMCA ( 2

mattgoldey writes: A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has reinstated a photographer's copyright lawsuit against a New Jersey radio station owner, after finding that a lower court came to the wrong decision on every issue in the case.

Most significantly, the appeals court said that a photo credit printed in the gutter of a magazine qualifies as copyright management information (CMI) under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA prohibits the unauthorized removal of encryption technology or copyright management information from copyrighted works.

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Removal of Printed Photo Credit Qualifies as DMCA

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  • Should be "violation" after "DCMA"
  • So when a judge's ruling is found to be materially (legally) incorrect on every point by a higher court, this would strongly indicate (at least to me) a significant level of incompetence on the judges part.

    Perhaps this is a misconception I formed thanks to those terrible "Judge Judy"-type shows, but compared to EU countries, it seems that US judges are free to, and do, make shit up as they go along rather than be restricted to seeking definitive proof of guilt and only enforcing existing law.

    I'm not a US ci

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