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Submission + - How AT&T Totally Flubbed 4G 1

adeelarshad82 writes: Turns out that AT&T may be lying about 4G. The company's two "4G" phones and its "4G" modem don't deliver 4G even by AT&T's own standards. Infact test results show that the company is delivering "4G" devices that are actually slower than the carrier's own 3G devices. So how can they get away with this? Well initially the International Telecommunications Union defined 4G as a bunch of super-fast technologies nobody has yet, but the ITU crumbled under pressure from various cell phone companies and now defines 4G as any cellular Internet network that's faster than what was considered the fastest technology in 2009. Between the revised 4G standards and little fine print in its ads, AT&T is able to legally indemnify itself against the fact that its current 4G claim is totally worthless. While other carriers also claim that they have 4G networks, Verizon's LTE is the only technology which comes close to real 4G.
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How AT&T Totally Flubbed 4G

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  • 4G in my opinion lost all credibility when the ITU let cell phone companies redefine the standard for themselves. It turned into another piece of advertising that you cant trust. I hope they realize that this behavior has set a precedence for the future and has undermined their credibility as a standards group.

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