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Submission + - Judge orders IP logs released to Sony from PS3... ( 2

masterwit writes: A story on wired and also at The Registrar and also Wired tells of the following:
'A federal magistrate has awarded Sony a subpoena allowing the company to obtain the IP addresses of everyone who visited the personal website of PlayStation 3 jailbreaker George Hotz for the past 26 months.

Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero of San Francisco also granted Sony's request for subpoenas on Google, Twitter, and another service for information relating to accounts held by the 21-year-old Hotz, who goes by the moniker GeoHot. Thursday's move comes in a lawsuit Sony filed in January alleging that Hotz and more than 100 other other hackers violated US copyright law by showing others how to bypass technical measures built in to the game console so they would run games and software not authorized by Sony.'

This is not only a major change in policy on privacy but disturbing on a multitude of levels. Both of these articles are worth checking out.

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Judge orders IP logs released to Sony from PS3...

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  • This is another example of why it is in our best interests to seek out companies with a policy of not keeping records for any longer than is minimally necessary. Who knows what kind of barratry hassle these people are now going to suffer at the hands of sony, simply for viewing a website.

    Hell, I might even have looked at his website, I don't even remember - was it linked to from Slashdot? I may have checked it see if there was a place to send money to help him out with his legal woes (IIRC, at the time h

  • Not that I was all that fond of Sony anyway. Trying to rootkit my machine from a CD a few years ago didn't impress me, and the prices they charge have always been a little silly. With this action, Sony has now officially asked their lawyers to burn down decades of customer relationships. "Sony" and "Don't buy this" are now synonymous.

    As far as two years of IP logs, good luck with getting anything useful out of that one. Then again, that wasn't the point. It was just another intimidation tactic to keep peopl

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