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Submission + - DOJ Anti-trust Investigation of MPEG-LA ( 4

thomst writes: "The Wall Street Journal's Thomas Catan reports that the Department of Justice has launched an anti-trust investigation of MPEG-LA's purported efforts to prevent Google's VP8 codec from widespread adoption. According to the article, the California Stare Attorney General's office is also investigating MPEG-LA for possible restraint of trade practices."
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DOJ Anti-trust Investigation of MPEG-LA

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  • Corporate Overlords would never do ANYTHING illegal. Why would Apple, Fujitsu, Scientific-Atlanta, Sony, Toshiba, or Dolby even consider illegally creating a codec monopoly? Surely they have not spent millions licensing this technology!
  • About time -someone- called them on it.

  • Now can someone in government put two and two together and see the absurd situation software patents has caused? VP8 is supposed to be patent-free but everyone on the H264 side is calling it patent-encumbered anyway. The mere existence of patent trolls should be reason enough to get rid of the idea. You should be able to patent implementations, not ideas.
    • by Mystiq ( 101361 )
      I wanted to add that the point of software patents was to protect innovation. This should be a clear example that it is not, as VP8's adoption is supposedly slow because of the risk of violating other patents whose owners won't come out of the woodwork until VP8 has enough market share to make a lawsuit nicely profitable. The whole thing is patently ridiculous.

      The sheer amount of patent lawsuits and now that even Google and Apple are teaming up against a troll is very telling.

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