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Submission + - Court Gives Green Light to Disconnect Pirates ( 2

aesoteric writes: "The Full Bench of Australia's Federal Court (three judges) has dismissed the film industry's appeal against a February 2010 judgment that found ISP iiNet had not authorised copyright infringement on its network. However, the ruling was a 2-1 majority and the judges have made several concessions to the Hollywood film studios. In particular, they set out a prescriptive path for the film industry to change the way it identifies alleged copyright infringers. The ruling says that if the film industry amends the format of its notices of infringement, pays the ISP to vet the notices and indemnifies the ISP against any fallout from disconnecting a customer, then disconnection is a reasonable step the ISPs should take to combat piracy. Essentially, the ruling gives internet service providers no absolute protection over the actions of their subscribers."
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Court Gives Green Light to Disconnect Pirates

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  • So if you have enough money, you can "reimburse" an ISP for preemptively disconnecting an alleged copyright infringer. Awesome. So now if the industry that's infamous for this very same practice accuses you of infringing and can show enough money at an ISP to reimburse them for the cost of disconnecting several hundred users - that's ok?

    Don't you love the world that we live in?
  • If this case doesn't go Australia's High Court, I wouldn't want to be an ISP - not exactly a lot of clarity in the decision.

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