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Submission + - Nokia workers walk out in protest (geek.com) 2

Mr. McGibby writes: "After the announcement of the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft this morning workers voiced their concern with the deal by walking out of Nokia facilities. It is believed that as many as a thousand workers marched out today (or took the day off using flex time) so that the company would know that they don’t believe the partnership is in their best interest, even after CEO’ Stephen Elop’s startlingly frank “burning platform” memo earlier this week."
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Nokia workers walk out in protest

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  • Two drowning companies each thinking they can cling to the other to stay afloat.

    How do management types like Elop get to the top yet make such clueless decisions? The signs that no-one thinks the Microsoft brand is cool or would consider buying their consumer products like phones and music players are many and repeated.

    The only Microsoft product individual consumers still seem happy to buy is Windows, and that's only because it comes preinstalled with nearly all new PCs so they don't really know an alterna

  • workers won't walk off there (except the occasional suicide)

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