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Submission + - Aussie floods won't dampen open source spirit (zdnet.com.au)

lukehopewell1 writes: Australia's annual open source conference, Linux.conf.au has kicked off in Brisbane today, despite the devastating flood crisis that has consumed much of Queensland and its capital, Brisbane.

The floods saw the Brisbane River swell by almost four and a half metres above its banks, inundating the original venue — Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Gardens Point campus.

Organisers fought to dispel the myths surrounding the newly dubbed "Brislantis" before moving the event to QUT's Kelvin Grove campus — 5 kilometres away from the new waterfront property.

John Ferlito, president of Linux Australia, said that the organisers had gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that this year's Linux.conf.au went ahead.

"I gave the team a huge hurrah this morning [at the opening keynote] as they've done 12 months of work in 10 days," Ferlito said, adding that the mood around the conference is great.

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Aussie floods won't dampen open source spirit

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