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Submission + - Tesla Previews an 'Alpha' of the Model S Sedan? ( 1

thecarchik writes: Has Tesla completed their first Model S prototype? A Tesla manufacturing team employee, appears to confirm this by commenting on blog post, though Tesla has not formally announced anything. An alpha prototype could mean the company built a running Model S using prototype parts that resemble what Tesla intends to produce. According to some investor slides released last month, Tesla planned to finish its first prototype of its hotly anticipated 2012 Model S all-electric sedan by the end of December. It looks like Tesla might have hit the December 2010 goal of getting a prototype up and running. The company has announced an aggressive production plan for the car, and will be assembling vehicles from start-to-end for the first time at its newly acquired $42 million Fremont factory. Many regard the Model S as a major testing ground for the company and the foundation for future revenues after its hot IPO last year.
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Tesla Previews an 'Alpha' of the Model S Sedan?

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