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Submission + - Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use? 1

theodp writes: If you were a college prof, think you could successfully compete for the attention of a lecture hall of Mac-packing students? CS student Carolyn blogs that a debate has sprung up on her campus about whether it is acceptable to use a laptop in class. And her school is hardly alone when it comes to struggling with appropriate in-classroom laptop use (vendor/corporate trainers would no doubt commiserate). The problem, she says, is that the OCD Facebookers aren't just devaluing their own education — there's a certain distraction factor to worry about. 'Students,' she suggests, 'should also communicate with each other more and tell their classmates when their computer use bothers them. I'll admit it, when I'm trying to pay attention to the lecture, even someone's screensaver in the row ahead of me can be a major distraction.' Try using an iPhone in a movie theater to get a taste of the quit-being-an-a**hole candor that's typically missing in the classroom.
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Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use?

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  • I bring no books and no paper to class, only my laptop. I can get pdfs of material that we need in class anyway, and take notes on OneNote. It's not only faster than using pen paper and manually searching through printouts, it's far less heavy to carry around and much easier to backup.

    Let morons fail the class if they want to, don't take my rights away.

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