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darrad writes: An opinion piece over at the Wall Street Journal lays out an alternate theory on why we have new regulations from the FCC on Net Neutrality. There is a lot of talk about this subject, particularly among the tech sector. Most of the talk centers around preventing companies from charging more for traffic or black holing other traffic. However, the question should be asked, is granting control over the Internet to political appointees the way to go? Regardless of your political point of view shouldn't the Internet remain free from regulation?
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Is Net Neutrality really needed?

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  • I think Doc Searls and David Weinberger say it best in their World of Ends site.

    Here is an abridged version:

    What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It for Something Else.

    * No one owns it.
    * Everyone can use it.
    * Anyone can improve it.

    Because the Internet is an agreement, it doesn't belong to any one person or group. Not the incumbent companies that provide the backbone. Not the ISPs that provide our connections. Not the hosting companies that rent us servers. Not the industry associations that believe their existence is threatened by what the rest of us do on the Net. Not any government, no matter how sincerely it believes that it's just trying to keep its people secure and complacent.

    To connect to the Internet is to agree to grow value on its edges. And then something really interesting happens. We are all connected equally. Distance doesn't matter. The obstacles fall away and for the first time the human need to connect can be realized without artificial barriers.

    The Internet gives us the means to become a world of ends for the first time.

    Net Neutrality is a non-issue because it is a fundamental constituent of the agreement that is the Internet. If you want to get rid of Net Neutrality, you have to get rid of the Internet. []

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