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itwbennett writes: The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted 19-0 in favor of a bill that would allow the Department of Justice to seek court orders to shut down websites offering materials believed to infringe copyright. 'Rogue websites are essentially digital stores selling illegal and sometimes dangerous products,' Senator Patrick Leahy, the main sponsor of the bill, said in a statement. 'If they existed in the physical world, the store would be shuttered immediately and the proprietors would be arrested. We cannot excuse the behavior because it happens online and the owners operate overseas. The Internet needs to be free — not lawless.' However, the internet will likely remain 'lawless' for a while longer, as there are only a few working days left in the congressional session and the bill is unlikely to pass through the House of Representatives in that short amount of time.
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Senate Panel Approves Website Shut-Down Bill

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  • There will always be a way around what the government is trying to do by shutting down certain websites. New ones and new methods will continue to evolve, and the government will have a hard time trying to keep up with the "lawless" internet. This Senate Panel approval is just like a "close but no cigar" saying because like they say it won't have the time to be approved in the House, if it even has the chance. I think it will continue to be this way in the future as well.

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