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astroengine writes: ""Panspermia" is the hypothesis that life is spread from planet-to-planet and star system-to-star system through some cosmic means. But for panspermia to work, this life needs to be sufficiently protected (and, um, kept alive) from the worst the universe can throw at it (such as radiation, cold and vacuum). Alas, when considering interstellar hops, the timescales are likely too long (i.e. millions of years) and said life will be dead on arrival. What good are tiny alien corpses when the panspermia model is supposed to seed new worlds with new life? Enter a new incarnation of pansermia: "Necropanspermia." Conceived by Paul Wesson, of Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Canada, necropanspermia is the transfer of the information of life to new worlds, wriggling extraterrestrial bacterium not required."
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Life on Earth Spawned by Dead Alien Microbes?

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  • So just how stable is the dna molecule? Does it have something like a half life or wile it just continue to exist (if external conditions are right)?

    My favorite quote form the article:

    If the destination is hospitable, the conditions might be right for the dead microbes' genetic code to be reassembled.

    Isn't Reassembling by natural processes one of the great hurdles that we face in trying to show life originating on earth? Even if relativly large chunks of the dna is intact wouldn't you need the rest of the cellular functions in order for reproduction?

    I guess what really bothers me about this logic is that if it wer

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