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Orome1 writes: A US court has heard that a couple conned at least $6 million from the great-grandson of an oil industry tycoon after he brought his virus-infected computer in for repair. The couple are said to have tricked the composer into believing that, while investigating the virus, they had found evidence that his life was in danger – concocting a story that the virus had been tracked to a hard drive in Honduras, and that evidence had been found that the composer's life was in danger.
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Man Loses Millions In Computer Virus-Related Scam

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  • I have read the report and it does appear as if the person in question has created some enemies. Anyone who is involved in the Oil and Gas industries has enemies. Normally these people work on others misfortune and are held to ransom by gas and fuel prices. Corruption is rife so it is not really that surprising. Make up your own mind about wars over oil too.

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