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snydeq writes: "T-Mobile has officially joined Sprint in pushing the promise of '4G' mobile services on consumers, despite the fact that, according to the ITU standards body, neither carriers' offerings constitute 4G mobile technology. In Sprint's defense, it has been advertising its WiMax-covered areas as 4G for nearly a year — technically not a lie because until last month 4G didn't mean anything, InfoWorld's Galen Gruman reports. But now that the ITU has provided a standard against which the FCC and FTC can judge truth in advertising, T-Mobile's new 4G ad campaign is a 'bald-faced lie,' Gruman writes. 'I find it interesting that the two carriers in the United States struggling to maintain their customer bases — T-Mobile and Sprint — are also the ones using false 4G claims. It shows their desperation. Even if users don't know what 4G really means, they know fear when they smell it.'"
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T-Mobile Pushes 4G Lie In New Ad Campaign

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