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Submission + - Apple deprecates Java 2

IdahoEv writes: According to the release notes of Apple's latest Java update, Java is now deprecated on the Mac. This announcement came on the same day as the new Mac App Store; it seems that Apple is trying to rid the Mac of Java the same way they worked to rid the iPhone of Flash. Apparently they'd like to lock down their general purpose computer as much as they lock down their mobile devices.
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Apple deprecates Java

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  • With Oracle and IBM shifting focus to OpenJDK, the recent flow of Java exploits, and Java being Androids native language, this is hardly a surprising move from Apple.

    Once again, Apples draconian focus on handling competition results in a more restricted device...
  • That instead of people playing apple's ball-game this time, they will instead put a stopper and force apple to retract instead.

    But the chance of this happening is kinda 0%.

    I am still amazed how apple is able to use monopolistic tactics, and they're actually working. If Ubuntu were to drop java support I'm sure that people would go "Ubuntu sucks" instead of "Java sucks"

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